“What ever happened to Starhawk?”

“I loved the Spiral Dance. I did my first solo rituals after reading the book.“

“Me too. I was so hungry for exactly what the book offered.”

Reclaiming is still alive. They do witch camps and the Spiral Dance every year.”

“I remember how I didn’t like Dreaming the Dark when it came out, because it wasn’t Spiral Dance all over again.”

“I wasn’t ready to be that politically active, I was still too hurt from my childhood.”

“Yes, after reading Dreaming the Dark, I wasn’t surprised when any group I was in fell apart after a year and a half.”

“She wrote a management book recently, The Empowerment Manual. Again, she’s offering us exactly what we need: how to talk to each other, how to resolve our conflicts, how to get get things done.”

“I down loaded a free chapter that didn’t make it into that book about how to have meetings.

“That’s what we need right now. So many people have no idea what to do when a group gets together to have a conversation, make decisions, and the meet again to see how we did.”

“But anyway, what is she doing now?”

“She is still teaching people something she and her friends call Earth Activists Training. There’s a course you can take.

“I know someone who took that class and came back ready to feed the world.”