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Will Lesbian Witches Save the World?



An epic lesbian utopia novel that begins in 1980s and ends sometime around next year.

Robin claims she can remember her past lives—all of them, in agonizing detail, going back to the Ancient Greeks and Amazons. Now the year is 1983, and she uses her accumulated fortune to establish a community of lesbian witches near Santa Cruz, California. Even in feminist Santa Cruz, their prosperity threatens the neighbors, and inevitably the well-meaning progressives. As Robin and her friends fight for survival, they discover a secret that would undermine Patriarchy. Will they have time to use it before all they’ve worked for is destroyed?

Wendy Underhill

Wendy Underhill is a lifelong Dianic lesbian witch. She wrote Panacea to offer a vision for what might have been, and what could be in this era of lesbian erasure.

Wendy Underhill is an expert in sexism and classism and has much to learn about racism. She lives in Santa Cruz where she experiments with altered states of consciousness and violates the patriarchal taboo against women’s touch.

Wendy Underhill is a pseudonym.

The World of Panacea

Lesbian Lore, Coom Sorcery, and Santa Cruz